First name:      Reza Shahryar

Last name:      Kamrani
Address:          # 40, 27th St, Assad-abadi Ave. 14339 Tehran. IRAN
Telephone:     +98 (21) 88631110
Cell Phone:      +98 (0)9101017913
Email :   

Date of Birth:  21/02/1964
Place of Birth: Tehran, IRAN
Citizenship:     Iranian
Gender:           Male

Marital Status: Married
Children:         Three children

Work History

Emergency physician: 1989-1991 Central hospital. Khash, Sistan-Baluchestan, IRAN

Family practitioner:    1991-1992 Salheddin hospital. Banne. Kordestan, IRAN

Orthopaedic surgeon: 1996-1997 Shahid mohammadi hospital. Bandarabbass,IRAN

Orthopaedic surgeon: 1997-now Shariati hospital. Tehran, IRAN
Academic Positions

Professor assistant of Tehran University of Medical Sciences: 1997-2007

Professor associated of Tehran University of Medical Sciences: 2007-2015

Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences: Feb.2015-Now


1982-1989 Medical student; Tehran University of Medical Sciences

1992-1996 Orthopaedic resident; Shariati hospital. Tehran University of Medical  Sciences

Fellowship and Training courses

Microsurgical techniques: UFR Sante Medecine et Biologie Humaine – Leonard de Vinci, Paris France 2000-2001

Clinical Observation in Hand Surgery, Clinic Jouvenet 200-2001 Paris, France

Wrist Arthroscopy: 24-25 November. 2006 EWAS Strasbourg France

Visiting Fellow in Hand surgery 1-11 August 2006 Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand

Orthopaedic surgeon

Hand Surgeon

Interesting Domain

            Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injuries

            Traumatic Elbow Injuries

            Wrist Arthroscopy


The best degree of the orthopaedic National Board Exam, 1996

Third best article 11th IOA congress Tehran Iran 2003

Third best article 3rd International SICAT congress Buenos aires, Argentina 2006

The best article 17th IOA congress Tehran Iran 2009



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